Monday, September 5, 2011

Shopping for Faith's Birthday Gift at Superstore

I'm in Superstore (for the uninitiated, it's a grocery/clothing/seasonal items/kitchen appliances/et cetra store that's super) shopping for a watch for Faith's birthday. As I go down an aisle it quickly becomes a very swanky, exclusive, high end store with dim lighting and techno music. I realize that I came here by accident and that it was very important to not let the staff find out I don't belong in there.

A sales rep asks what I'm looking for and I tell her. She shows me a watch and necklace set, saying "You MUST get it for her, she can't be seen without it!" I look at the price and I knew I couldn't afford it and but I knew Faith MUST have this watch and necklace made from a bicycle chain.

So I go to the counter to pay with my bank card. Every time I go to type in my code I get a text message on the machine from my grandma Hazel and it cancels out the transaction. Unable to buy the bicycle chain watch and necklace I leave the swanky store ashamed,  but relieved I had an excuse to not buy it.

Sweet dreams.

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