Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrity Hatrick

Last week on our drive to the hospital Faith asked if I had any dreams. I three and all three had celebrities.

Faith and I were house hunting and saw one on the side of a mountain we drove up to it and walked in. It was huge and there was many people inside acting pretty important and busy. We soon figured out it was Al Gore's house. Outside there was a detached guest house in the mountain. Al Gore comes in and says it's a basement suite that we could rent out for $600. A deal is made.

I'm about 10 years younger in a recording studio with my friend Mori, also 10 years younger. He's on the other side of the room doing something. Avril Lavigne walks in and they hug and she comes over to me. I tell her that she's talented but her songs just are too cheesy and she should write more mature songs. Avril agrees with my solid career advice and leaves. Then Mori freaks out at me saying I'm ruining her career, his career and all the work he's done.

I'm outside walking around storage units. I see there is a storage room door unlocked I open the door only to find another and open that, then open another and another and another. Finally inside is large dark room with old boxes. On the floor I see a mattress with several sleeping bags on it when all of a sudden a disoriented bearded shirtless Tom Cruise pops up and starts yelling at me. "How did you find me?! My agent said no one would find me here! I'm preparing for a role!!!"

Sweet Dreams.