Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Detective Work and a Fist Fight

I'm trying to figure out why the alarm went off in a gated self-storage business in the middle of the night. I see a young woman but can't run because of my hip, so my boss appears and starts chasing her. The young woman was too fast and escapes climbing up a fence.

My boss and I walk around to see where the young woman was hiding,  during this an electrician joins us. I lie down on the ground to open up a storage unit, I for some reason stay on the ground and examine the storage unit. It is filled to the top with boxes and luggage. I notice someone eyes peering through the some luggage. We open it to find another young woman who is living there, it was her visiting friend who set off the alarm when she left. We find out that she's a runaway and been there for years. Now the electrician's mother-in-law is there, she takes the young woman with her.

Now I am alone, I continue to walk around and see a car coming to leave through the gate. Somehow I know it's a drunk driver,  so I stand in front of the gate to stop him driving the streets. He gets out of his car yelling at me and we begin to fight. We fist fight until he sobered up, then I let him go.

Sweet dreams.

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