Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charity Concert with Bono

After a romantic dinner with my wife Ashley, I decided to go for a walk alone in our neighborhood which resembled the neighborhood my Aunt Merrily and Uncle Jim who live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All of the sudden I was being chased by a customized Japanese import car, the kind you would find Vin Deisel or Paul Walker driving in the 2001 hit movie (in some circles) "Fast and the Furious". I ran through the Salt Lake City neighborhood and eventually after out running the fast and furious drivers in their car, I found myself taking refuge in a charity concert held by a local radio station.

The Place was set up in an old brick warehouse converted into a night club of some sort, a bar, a stage, and a dance floor. I stood at the back, only to find myself standing beside that nights guest star Paul David Hewson, more commonly known as "Bono". I took the opportunity to strike a conversation with him.

Just as a side note, most people are picturing Bono right now, wearing dark sunglasses, all black with a black jacket. Not the case at this charity function, he was wearing blue bell bottom jeans, a light T-shirt and a jean jacket, and to top him off a straw cowboy hat, one you would find at the Calgary Stampede.

Bono offered me good advice on relationships as we walked outside, through my elementary school yard and into a mall. After giving me a "One.org" lanyard for me and Ashley, he started to walk faster and faster. I couldn't keep up with him..........

Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Dream Of Awesome!

My cousin Andrew and his wife Ashley sent me a book titled The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. I've been reading a few pages everyday. Each page or so is an random small event that's awesome. For example, today's awesomeness I read was about how silence can be golden and customizing a fast food order. Other awesome things written of are being in the front of a long line-up or the moment you see your waiter bring you your food.

Last night in my dream I was reading from The Book of Awesome and found a secret photo section I never noticed in the book. I saw photo's of the author with my old friends from my school boy days, but there was this conspiracy vibe to the discovery. How did Neil Pasricha know all my old friends? Why did I never notice this photo section before? Is this a message for me?

The next thing I knew I was at a birthday party with faceless friends and elementary and junior high classmates that I didn't know super well then. Vitto was there (in real life I don't know that he knows this: during a snow ball fight with Russel in grade 8 he landed on my arm and broke it), so was Yanni and Chris Duncan. Vitto gave me gift certificates for a cell phone and $100.00 air time. I tried to thank him but he would't look at me walked out of the party.

Yanni gave me children's toys and said he'd go talk to Vitto, he left not to return.

Chris Duncan? Well, he just had a thin scraggly mustache one might see in a police sketch.

My faceless friends started talking religion, so I started reading from The Book of Awesome again to avoid the conversation. But the page I was reading was my friends very conversation.

To escape I went to a dam and jumped into the river and floated down for years. At its end I got on to shore and was welcomed by faceless family and friends to this forest community (like the Ewoks live in) surrounded by fields. Everyone kept saying how awesome this place was, how awesome they felt, everything was just awesome!

Sweet dreams.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Prosecuting Saddam Hussein

I woke up remembering an awesome dream and was happy that Faith and Myrtle were still asleep so I could blog about it. But as I got out of bed Myrtle woke, so while spending time with her I kept on trying to repeat the dream before it evaporated. Then Faith got up and said "I had the weirdest dream..." by the time she was done telling hers I forgot mine. Arhg!

But that got me thinking, there are two dreams I had years ago I still remember vividly as if it was lived today. One was a reoccurring dream for years I had in the early 2000's soon after the United States invaded Iraq.

I'm in a court room wearing a three piece suit prosecuting Saddam Hussein.  Saddam is sitting defense box by the judge, bearded and looking defeated as hears me ask "Wasn't it you who gassed your own people?!" "Where are the WMD's?!" and "What do you have to say for yourself?" These are the only things I would say and it was repeated over and over for effect. I said with all the disgust self righteousness I could muster,  acting as if the world was watching or I was a character in a John Grisham novel.

Saddam never answered, just sat there disheveled and beaten.

Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potluck Picnic

The sun was shining at the park as me and my twelve faceless friends got together for a potluck picnic. We all sat at a large round table in a grove of trees. As we all were talking each person one by one proudly brought out their potluck contribution.  However each thing looked gross to everyone, except to the person who brought it. For what seemed like an eternity we all passed around each others dishes of food trying not to take or eat anything that wasn't our own and not to offend everyone else. It was tricky and unsuccessful. Unfortunately, I was woken up before any food fight!

Sweet dreams.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Escaping Prince Charles

I was walking down the street with Prince Charles, he was in his "military" uniform and I was wearing the exact same uniform, but mine was a paisley print - pants were paisley too. Since I was a commoner, our conversation revolved around him trying to one up everything I said and did.

To prove he was tough he got a thumbtack and started pricking his chest with it then squeezing out his blood. This freaked me out and I tried to escape him which resulted in a struggle. I finally got away and ducked into an optometrist shop, but Prince Charles was able to nab my glasses.

In the shop there was a radio announcing someone had escaped Prince Charles and was missing their glasses; so everyone in there was on the lookout for someone who couldn't see .

The optometrist and his employees were all apart of some weird religious cult. In there I see my friends James and Rachel and somehow I was able to help them get out of there, but I remained stuck.

In the shop suspicions grew that I was the one that escaped Prince Charles, so the optometrist/cult leader forced me to take an eye exam. I prayed that I would pass the exam and I did. This shocked everyone there but I was let go after I attended some youth group prayer séance.

Sweet dreams.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arsenio and I

I was on a train going through a forest with friends, but I don't recall their faces, and a talking green frog named Arsenio. The train past by people's homes that were giving gifts at surprise party's. The surprised people was getting a lot of gifts. So much that they were shaking their head as if saying this is too much. But the hosts said that it wasn't all from them. It wasn't, it was from Arsenio the frog and I.

Sweet dreams.