Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ticked Off Nightmare

I went to Myrtle's preschool to play with her during her outdoor time. While rolling around with her on the grass she was called back in. Still sitting on the grass I waved bye to her then I scratched behind my ear and felt something like a big pimple and squeezed it. I looked at my finger tips and it was not a pimple, rather a tick.
I started feeling all around my face, there was another tick burrowing its way into my temple that I was able to get out. Quickly I noticed there were other sore spots that ticks had already concealed themselves under my skin. I started to become paralyzed, at first it felt like only fear was paralyzing me. But, then I couldn't move or speak, only listen and watch.

Two preschool teachers who watched this ordeal decided it was best to remove me from the yard and dragged me into a room in the basement. I laid there on a table as they discussed whether on not to tell Faith what happened. One of them said, "He already had cancer, so there's no point to tell her ticks killed him." The other agreed and they walked out of the room.

Sweet dreams.

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  1. What the heck! That is awful! Thanks for the interesting story Rube.